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From the Producers of SPUN OUT

The show ‘Spun Out’ was not renewed for another season, so we had 3 large storage lockers and 3 semi trailers worth of scenery to deal with. We contacted Ready Set Recycle to see what they could do for us. Grant Heggie came out and looked at everything and suggested we run a set sale for the costumes, props and furniture, and suggested that we sell the sets right from the trailers they were stored on. We didn’t have a venue to have a sale in so Ready Set Recycle found us one. Grant Heggie also oversaw the transport of all items from the storage lockers to the pop up venue he had secured for us. The RSR staff photographed everything and then posted the items on their website, after which the social media campaign began. After that RSR staff then priced everything and prepped the space for our sale. Over people 6000 attended. We were delighted with the result. In the end, after RSR ran several charity give away days, very little was left.

As for the sets on trailers, about half of it found new homes and a few different shows. Yes, we will be working with Ready Set Recycle in the future!”As for the sets on trailers, about half of it found new homes and a few different shows. Yes, we will be working with Ready Set Recycle in the future!”

Greg Milo - Insight Productions

Battle of the Blades, Canada Sings, Canada’s Got Talent, Top Chef
The sets props and other equipment from these four TV shows were stored in 14 18-wheeler storage trailers, each one of them was 53' long. “We called Ready Set Recycle and asked them to come have a look at them all, and to advise us on how we could possibly recycle some of the contents. Grant Heggie came out and took photos of what was on each trailer. Within a few days everything was posted on This is where we saw the social media firepower of Ready Set Recycle in action. The ads got tons of hits in a very short time. Within 10 days all 24 trailers and their contents had new homes on various productions. Instead of paying at least $3.500 in disposal costs for each trailer we actually made money on the deal! So instead of paying almost $60.000 in disposal we actually made a profit! Not to mention our carbon foot print was reduced to almost 0 !! Yes, we will be using in future.”

Stephanie Fast - Frantic Films

Our company decided to reduce its office footprint by more than 50%. We had a great deal of office furniture and production equipment that we no longer needed. We got in contact with Ready Set Recycle and explained to Grant Heggie that we had scheduled a disposal company to come and take everything away in 7 bins at a cost of $600.00 each. Ready Set Recycle came and photographed everything we had available and then posted it all on their website, Ready Set Recycle ran a sale from our location and hundreds of people turned up. The net result was our making $2000.00 rather than spending over $4000.00 in disposal costs. Ready Set Recycle handled pretty much all aspects of the sale and for us it was hassled free. All we really had to do was cash a check! Instead of seven disposal bins we only needed one.”

Michal Stein - Blue Ice Pictures

When we were wrapping Single Ladies, we were faced with the task of disposing all of our sets. Our set, furniture, props, and costumes were in 5 storage trailers and one storage locker. Ready Set Recycle advised us to hold a sale and have them run it for us. Ready Set Recycle secured us a great pop up venue at an affordable price. Ready Set Recycle took care of everything! They hired trucks and movers to move everything to the pop up venue, priced all the items, and after everything was photographed they posted it all up on the They then went to work on social media. TEN thousand hits later the sale ran for 4 weeks and thousands of people came through. The general public, other film and television companies and folks just walking by saw the great signage Ready Set Recycle had erected. After the sale was over After the sale was over and we made back enough money to cover costs. Ready Set Recycle then arranged for several charity give away days and sent some great items to Habitat for Humanity. As for the 5 transport trucks full of scenery and lumber, it was all sold and given away to multiple projects. Thanks to Ready Set Recycle we saved all of this from going into landfill and helped other productions with their own creations. At the end of it all, we saved money, made money, helped other productions and individuals, and kept about 70 tons of scenery out of the landfill, an almost 0% carbon footprint.

Aaryn Kundell - Temple Street Productions

We had two shows worth of sets props and costumes that we needed to liquidate and recycle if possible. All told, they filled a 10,000 square foot studio. We hired Ready Set Recycle to come in and run a set sale for us. The result was far beyond our expectations. RSR staff came and photographed everything, priced it for us and then posted it all on the website. Then the social media barrage started. Our listings got almost 17.000 hits in just 10 days! The number of people who came to the sales was amazing. On the first day there were over 900 people in the first 4 hours. The Ready Set Recycle provided staff handled all the payments and accounting. They even hired and managed the crews required to move the stuff into the venue and displayed it all for us. At the end of it all RSR manned the fort for 2 charity giveaway days. Thanks to Ready Set Recycle we made money instead of spending money on disposal bins. This also decreased our carbon footprint by at least 70%. We will definitely be using Ready Set Recycle in future.”

Ian Brock - Production Designer

I have been a shopper and seller on Ready Set Recycle for years. It’s a great service. Grant Heggie’s knowledge of the entertainment industry makes it all a breeze. He knows what different shows are looking for and contacts me when something gets posted that he think we can use. I love keeping items out of landfill.“

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