Ready Set Recycle


Hello Calgary! Ready Set Recycle is open for business in your city!

Now that the site has been launched in your city, we need you to pitch in to get the word out. Talk about us on facebook pininterest, instagram, tumblr, flickr, googleplus, and any other social media sites popular in your area. Talk about us at your production meetings, run a free ad about us in your shows program, or better yet, buy a banner ad! Most importantly we need to you post stuff on the site and shop on the site. Whenever you are out seeing sets going up, materials being used, we need you to ask "what's gonna happen with all these materials once the show is over"? Why not post in on Ready Set so that it all can stay out of the landfill?


You get the idea! This site is for you artists of Calgary. Please use it and benefit from it!! 

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