Set sales are our specialty!

My name is Grant Heggie. I’m the president of Ready Set – a Toronto based company that recycles anything and everything from the show business industry. Since its inauguration in 2010, our operation has kept hundreds of tons of sets, props, and costumes out of landfill . Some of these items were tiny, some were huge! We handle them all. Productions post single items on a daily basis and we make sure everyone sees them. Our customer base is extremely diverse and includes the film community and suppliers, theatre companies, small businesses: vintage shops, high schools, and universities and of course the general public. In the last few years we’ve conducted set sales or provided marketing services of set sales for major TV series such as Battle of the Blades, Canada Sings, Canada's Got Talent, Panic Button, Single Ladies, Spun Out, The Kennedy's, Saving Hope as well as mega-movie productions like RoboCop and Total Recall. By the end of each set sale, everything was sold for reuse or recycled resulting in very little waste. We can also arrange charity giveaway days for unsold items for which the producers get tax receipts! In all cases, the producers saw increased revenue and attendance by working with us. The trick is to get everything photographed and loaded onto our site as far in advance as possible.


Working together we can come up with a plan that will suit your needs.


Grant Heggie

416 836-0710