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Sell your props, furniture or wardrobe at the Ready Set Recycle Set Sale Shop! Whether it is just a few items or a whole set sale, we can help!
Is your show in storage and you have no place to hold a set sale? Or are you wrapping a small show or commercial and want to make some money back on a few items you built or purchased? Bring it to The Ready Set Recycle set sale shop and we will sell it for you. once delivered here, we market what you have on Ready Set Recycle, and when it sells, we split the proceeds.

For large set sales we usually we come to your studio to have a set sale, and we will continue to do so, but often shows have gone into storage and thus have no place to have a sale. Now they do!!
Items delivered here must be approved in advance by Ready Set Recycle. Items must be " salable". If you show up unannounced my may be turned away. Call 416 836-0710 to discuss.

We have from 1400 - almost 6000 square feet available
Here are more details:

PAYMENTS: We will handle all payments, giving you cash reports on a daily basis and provide prompt payment to you. We accept VISA, MC, AMEX, Diner’s Club Debit.

GIVEAWAY DAYS: We will also be on hand for several days, post set sale, to coordinate give always of unsold items! We do this at no extra charge.

TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS: You Deliver, or we manage your delivery. Rates vary with content volume and weight.

VENUE RENTAL: Fees vary with the volume of materials, space occupied and duration of sale.This fee can, in many cases be deducted from your revenues so you may not have to pay anything up front.
VENUE INSURANCE: We cover liability insurance on our premises, you are responsible for content insurance.

MANAGEMENT OF ITEMS NOT SOLD: After one month, or at a mutually agreed upon time the sale can be extended. We can give away unsold items, or manage their dispersal for you, including directing materials to the charity. o
DISPOSAL COSTS: Disposal costs for unsalable items, damaged goods, or garbage, will be deducted from your share of the proceeds. Terms can be discussed.


23 Buckingham st.

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