Listing Info/Pricing:
Not-for-profit groups post on for FREE! This will ALWAYS be the case. A not-for-profit is defined as a registered charity (you may be asked to verify your charitable status).

For film and other corporate customers there are several options available. If you are giving stuff away please be our guests and post your items for free.

 If you are charging for your products we ask commercial for profit companies pay a modest fee of 2% of your listing fee upfront.You will be sent a pay pal invoice for this. For new customers the invoice must be paid upon receipt. Or.. Retain our services  on commission - 15- 40% of all sales. Let Ready Set act as your agent, the listing will be re-entered and we will be the contact and field all calls and set up viewings, We will also spread the word about your product via Twitter, Face book, Linked in etc.. 

For large film projects that wish to purchase a wrap sale here to see the options..

 How do I post?

In the right menu, click the link that says "New Listing."  To create a new listing right now click here.

Can anyone buy?

Absolutely. Just like on other listing services the transaction is completely between buyer and seller. We're not involved in transactions in any way.

Can I post ANYTHING that comes from a production?

Pretty much. But if we believe items are dangerous or likely to offend we reserve the right to remove the items.

Is there anything I SHOULDN'T post?

If it's a personal item we recommend you use a different listing service. And... we reserve the right to remove items at our discretion if we feel they are inappropriate for any reason. At our discretion, we may communicate with you about why we removed the item.

How long will my posting stay up?

For 60 days.  Four days before the item comes down, you'll receive an automated reminder message in case you want to relist it.

Do I have to create an account to post?

At the moment no. But if you don't create an account you won't be able to edit your posts (and that is often something you might want to do - to change the description or the price as needed). So... if you want to use this service we recommend you create an account.

Can people see my email address?

When you post an item you will enter your email address but the public will not see your email address. If they want to contact you they will fill out the contact form we provide. To reiterate... the public will not see a link to your email (unless you include this in the body of your item description – something we do not recommend.

If something goes wrong with a transaction, can I complain to you?

By the terms and conditions of our site (see link below) we are not responsible for anything to do with transactions between a buyer and a seller. However, if you feel you are being cheated or abused in any way (by a buyer or seller) then please inform us. We may not be able to help you. But we may use the information you provide to help us improve this service to prevent future abuses.

I have more questions. Who should I ask?

Click the contact link in the menu bar on any page. We'll be happy to assist you.

Are all the items listed on the site available right now?

NOT NECESSARILY! Please, check the availability date on each posting. Some productions will post items after wrapping, but some may post before so... it may be weeks (or months) before the a specific item is available.  Always check the availability date.