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We are entertainment industry professionals who are appalled to see thousands of tons of scenery, props and costumes ending up in landfill every year.

So… we’ve created ReadySetRecycle.com a new website where industry professionals can list such items for sale (or giveaway).

Basic listings (one item per listing) are free.


Currently the site is set up to serve  Toronto, New York and LA.

Our hope (and dream) is that Ready Set Recycle will help to green the entertainment industry.

Here's mini ReadyResetRecycle.com FAQ:

How do you guys plan to make money so you can keep this site online?

We are a commercial entity and we don't get government grants or donations.  To keep this site online we need to make money. 

For starters, we are selling banner ads. Find out about sponsorships and banner ads.

Plus... some listings are paid listings. Find out about our paid listings.

And we are on the lookout for other ways to monetize our service.  In the future (near or far) we may charge for things like...

  • making an item "featured" on the home page or category listings
  • having extra photos
  • having items featured in a newsletter

How can I help ReadySetRecycle get off the ground?

As we said... what we really need right now is for you to list something.

Who owns ReadySetRecycle.com?

Ready Set Recycle is an independent division of entertainment industry service company, The Octopus Works.

How did this all get started? 

This site is an online version of a Toronto  company that was  called Set/Reset Inc. The co-founder, Grant Heggie, now owns The Octopus Works, which owns Ready Set Recycle. 

Here is Grant's description of Set/Reset Inc. We feel you'll agree this was a significant environmental success story.

Started in 1993 with a $1,000 in start up capital, Set/Reset became North America’s first recycling company for the entertainment industry. Occupying a 30,000 square foot warehouse in downtown Toronto, Set/Reset proved that recycling scenery was not only possible but could be profitable.

Before Set/Reset, when a Toronto a show was done, producers would find themselves paying thousands of dollars to disposal companies to haul sets away to the dump. Set/Reset had an environmentally sound alternative that would actually save production companies money. Set/Reset would come and haul away sets and related materials at half the price of a dumpster company. We would then take the contents, not to landfill, but to our warehouse to be recycled.

Our approach was to make quick snap decision as to what was to be done to scenery as it arrived, each piece would be either

  • left as is placed in our for sale or for rent sections
  • be repaired so as to be made available as a rental or sale item.
  • be dismantled, for lumber and building materials which would then be re- sold at atleast ½ price of what one would pay new! We also collected left over paint that could be re-sold at as little as $5 per gallon.

In the first year of operation, Set/Reset processed over 150 tons of scenery.

Set/Reset was a classic win win for its customers, users and the environment.

As the company grew we built up the largest inventory of rental stock in Canada.

Our monthly input was up to 25 tons. From this input, we had only 3% waste!!!

Our pay roll often exceeded $30,000 per month. In its ten years of operation Set/Reset Inc. created over 1 million dollars in wages for the Toronto Arts community.

In 1998 we opened our retail store – 2nd Episode – selling movie memorabilia and furniture made from off cut/ scrap lumber and painted with reclaimed paints and varnishes. On the whole, not a bad idea!

Set/Reset client list was very diverse, Toronto’s live theatre’s, public schools, corporate tradeshows, church groups, artists, not for profit charities, the general public, plus of course the TV and movie business;

Within the Movie business, Set/Reset also worked with the different unions to educate workers about the benefits of recycling. Working together, we saved a lot of trees from being cut down.

Here is an abridged list of the over 1000 productions and companies who used Set/Reset’s recycling operations.

Warner Brothers
Universal Pictures
Paramount Pictures
Dufferin Gate
Lions Gate Entertainment
New Line Cinema
20th Century Fox
ABC Television
Sony Pictures
Miramax Films
Pushing Tin
Long Kiss Goodnight
Murder at 1600
Harriet The Spy
Lions Gate Entertainment
Bulletproof Monk
Rhombus Media

Who owns ReadySetRecycle.com?

Ready Set Recycle is an independent division of entertainment industry service company, The Octopus Works.

Contact: Grant Heggie

The Octopus Works
416 836-0710