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Greening  the Entertainment Industry Show by Show!!

Anyone can post items for sale or give away on this site. Just set up an account and away you go! 

 IN TORONTO, COME VISIT US AT THE READY SET RECYCLE ETOBICOKE SET SALE SHOP! - 23 Buckingham St.  RIGHT NEXT TO THE MIMICO GO STATION! A place where productions send  their wardrobe, props, materials and furniture to be sold off at bargain prices. . 10.00 am - 6.00 pm Wed - Sat & Sun noon - 5.00 pm.

We are Now offering another 50% - 75% OFF ON ALL WARDROBE AND ACCESSORIES! The prices in the ads currently listed are PRE DISCOUNT!!! So man are you saving big!! It was all 50% off of new already so wow! 

Click here to see what's up for grabs! 


Over 1000 tons of set dec, materials, scenery, and wardrobe move through just our Toronto site every year. Materials that are NOT in a landfill!

Ready Set Recycle is also set up to serve the following cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Atlanta, New York, London England, Calgary, Edmonton, Los Angles, Boston Washington D.C, and Hamilton. Other cities can be added very easily, so if you want a Ready Set Recycle in your city, contact us.  It all started in Toronto with an intermittent trickle of postings. Now it's like Niagara Falls! All that is needed is for all of you, the showbiz community to start posting stuff. Post items for free give away or, or for sale. When you are on set and you see stuff that at the end of the shoot will be scrapped. Take a few pics of it all and post it on the site with the dates that it will be available. It's that simple, once the cycle begins it will catch on like wildfire in all cities. 

 BROWSE ALL LISTINGS IN ALL CITIES ( if you wish to respond to ads posted you must first create an account, it takes just a few moments.. Click here for our account page).


Are you are a big film planning to hold a set sale. We have done a lot of set sales and had great $$ success! Click here for details

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How do I post stuff?

You can post items for sale or for give away. Click here for more info. 

If you are a big show wanting to have a sale, click here for our set sale page. 

Latest ads

one pair of great drapes one pair of great drapes
Toronto 45.00 CAD
12 black out drapes 12 black out drapes
Toronto 35.00 CAD
folding screen folding screen
Toronto 35.00 CAD
Sony HDR  CX 240 Sony HDR CX 240
Toronto 175.00 CAD
Heads will roll! Heads will roll!
Toronto 140.00 CAD
Yoga mats for $10.00Yoga mats for $10.00
Toronto 10 CAD
Polaroid PTAB735 7Polaroid PTAB735 7
Toronto 60.00 CAD
Heavy clear Vinyl Drops x 2Heavy clear Vinyl Drops x 2
Toronto 125.00 CAD
Christmas decor! Christmas decor!
Toronto 50.00 CAD
Antique Centennial carpet! Antique Centennial carpet!
Toronto 700.00 CAD
Toronto 20-30 CAD
Side board and Hutch! Side board and Hutch!
Toronto 300.00 CAD
News Anchor Desk News Anchor Desk
Toronto 350 CAD
Hugo boss Ladies Belt Hugo boss Ladies Belt
Toronto 80.00 CAD
1/2 Inch twin wall 1/2 Inch twin wall
Toronto 45.00 CAD
8' long Bar! 188' long Bar! 18
Toronto 50.00 CAD
Military Bomb proof Florescent lights Military Bomb proof Florescent lights
Stratford Festival 150.00 CAD
Worn Leather chair Worn Leather chair
Toronto 40.00 CAD
Biker Patio Lanterns Biker Patio Lanterns
Toronto 5.00 CAD
Tiffany style lamp Tiffany style lamp
Toronto 60.00 CAD
Roots size small Roots size small
Toronto 45 CAD
Blue love seatBlue love seat
Toronto 10.00 CAD
Small Ikea writing desk Small Ikea writing desk
Toronto 15.00 CAD
Banana Republic Jacket Banana Republic Jacket
Toronto 65.00 CAD
Holt renfrew Holt renfrew
Toronto 55.25 CAD
Toronto 48.75 CAD
Antonio Valente  Antonio Valente
Toronto 48.75 CAD
1MX mens shirt 1MX mens shirt
Toronto 13.00 CAD
Banana Republic Banana Republic
Toronto 35.75 CAD
Premium Premium
Toronto 39.00 CAD
Top Man Top Man
Toronto 35.75 CAD
H& M sweater H& M sweater
Toronto 13.00 CAD
Zara Mens Sweater Zara Mens Sweater
Toronto 22.75 CAD
mens shirtsmens shirts
Toronto 65.00 CAD
Mens shirt Mens shirt
Toronto 65.00 CAD
Urban Heritage Urban Heritage
Toronto 60.00 CAD
Antonio Valente  Antonio Valente
Toronto 65.00 CAD
J.P Tilford J.P Tilford
Toronto 55.25 CAD
Mens dress shirt Mens dress shirt
Toronto 58.50 CAD
Mens blue plade shirt Mens blue plade shirt
Toronto 65.00 CAD
Mens dress shirt Mens dress shirt
Toronto 58.00 CAD
Theory Jeans Theory Jeans
Toronto 65.00 CAD
Jones of New York Jones of New York
Toronto 35.75 CAD
Gap 1969 32' waist Gap 1969 32" waist
Toronto 52.00 CAD
Jones of New York Jones of New York
Set Sale Shop Etobicoke 34.00 CAD
Gap 1969Gap 1969
Set Sale Shop Etobicoke 32.00 CAD
Calvin Kline men's sweater Calvin Kline men's sweater
Set Sale Shop Etobicoke 60.00 CAD
Biker boots Biker boots
Holt Renfrew Jacket Holt Renfrew Jacket
Toronto 65.00 CAD
kids tricycles kids tricycles
Toronto 20.00 CAD
Pizza boardPizza board
Toronto 25.00 CAD
Zara women's Zara women's
Toronto 35.75 CAD
Blue Pants Blue Pants
Toronto 35.75 CAD
Theory Pink Sweater Theory Pink Sweater
Toronto 52.00 CAD
Lanvin Blazer Lanvin Blazer
Toronto 48.00 CAD
Guess Dress Guess Dress
Toronto 52.00 CAD
J. Crew Ludlow J. Crew Ludlow
Toronto 78.00 CAD
Zara Trafaluc  small Zara Trafaluc small
Toronto 45.50 CAD
Diesel mens sweater  Diesel mens sweater
Toronto 59.00 CAD
Green Pilcro jeansGreen Pilcro jeans
Toronto 48.00 CAD
BB dakota Green sweater BB dakota Green sweater
Toronto 35.00 CAD
Rebbecca Taylor Rebbecca Taylor
Toronto 92.00 CAD
Club Monaco 00 Club Monaco 00
Toronto 81.25 CAD
Bench. Womens pants Bench. Womens pants
Toronto 32.50 CAD
Just CavilliJust Cavilli
Toronto 97.50 CAD
Gap 1969Gap 1969
Toronto 35.00 CAD
Fred Perry 32' Fred Perry 32"
Toronto 81.25 CAD