This site is maintained by entertainment industry professionals who want to keep used scenery, props and costumes from going to waste (or ending up in landfill).

    This listing service is for items that were used in a stage, film or television production, corporate event or trade show.

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Ready Set Recycle is set up to serve the following cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Atlanta, New York, London England, Calgary, Edmonton, Los Angles, Boston Washington D.C and Hamilton. Other cities can be added very easily. Over 1000 tons of set dec, materials, scenery and wardrobe move through our Toronto site every year. It all started in Toronto with an intermittent trickle of postings. Now its like Niagara Falls! All that is needed is for all of you, the showbiz community to start posting stuff. Post if for free or for sale. So when you are on set and you see stuff that at the end of the shoot will be scrapped. Take a few pics of if and post it on the site with the dates that it will be available. Its that simple, once the cycle begins it will catch on like wild fire in all cities. 


The Ready Set Recycle Hamilton Set Sale Shop will be closing August 27th  2017. EVERYTHING MUST GO!! Prices are already up to 70% off the new price and we are still willing to haggle on most items! So come see us as soon as you can! 

LOCATION: 262 Ottawa St. North, Hamilton 
STORE HOURS: WE WILL REMAIN OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  from 10 am to 6 pm We take Visa, Mastercard,Amex and Debit. 

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Sell, buy or give away anything related to entertainment industry production, and we mean anything! In 2015 and 2016 this site kept over 500 tons of scenic materials out of the landfill. Plus tons of props, wardrobe, and furniture thee we offer up at our set sales! 

NOT FOR PROFITS post for free!!  

In Toronto only, commercial companies must pay a modest 1 - 2% of your asking price per ad. Your ad stays active as long as it takes to sell your item. Or pay nothing and retain us as your agent. We will get out there and push your items till they sell. Commissions vary up to 40% 

If you are a big film with a ton of stuff to sell, please inquire about our paid listing service. We have done a lot of set sales and had great $$ success! Click here for details

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Latest ads  Selection:The ads below are just a few examples of what is on this site. Click here to see the whole schmeer

Latest ads

Wooden Table and ChairsWooden Table and Chairs
Los Angeles 60 CAD
A wooden coffin A wooden coffin
Hamilton230 CAD
A very odd White sofa A very odd White sofa
Hamilton100.00 CAD
2 Server racks 2 Server racks
Hamilton400.00 CAD
Drop in Tub Drop in Tub
Hamilton900 CAD
Great 3/4 bed frame Great 3/4 bed frame
Hamilton180.00 CAD
Blocks of carving foam Blocks of carving foam
Hamilton2.00 CAD
Glass pine doors Glass pine doors
Hamilton75.00 CAD
kids tricycles kids tricycles
Hamilton20.00 CAD
Scorer nets x 2Scorer nets x 2
Hamilton70.00 CAD
Pedestal sink Pedestal sink
Hamilton50.00 CAD
Pole Heater Pole Heater
Hamilton70 CAD
Catering tables 6' long Catering tables 6' long
Hamilton40.00 CAD
Steel LoudspeakersSteel Loudspeakers
Hamilton50.00 CAD
Spa Divans x 2 Spa Divans x 2
Hamilton125.00 CAD
Gladiator work benches Gladiator work benches
Hamilton350.00 CAD
Glass sliding doors Glass sliding doors
Hamilton225.00 CAD
Bathroom Vanity Bathroom Vanity
Hamilton700.00 CAD
Sandwich Boards Sandwich Boards
Hamilton30.00 CAD
Mirror Mirror
Hamilton65.00 CAD
Antique Medical Cabinets Antique Medical Cabinets
Hamilton300.00 CAD
30 Black folding chairs 30 Black folding chairs
Hamilton4.00 CAD
32 32
Rolling monitor StandRolling monitor Stand
Hamilton350.00 CAD
1/2 price toner 1/2 price toner
Hamilton35.00 CAD
Gold Chandelier Gold Chandelier
Hamilton50.00 CAD
Ikea Facet Ikea Facet
Hamilton50.00 CAD
Brass Candle Holders Brass Candle Holders
Hamilton3.00 CAD
glass metal table glass metal table
Hamilton75.00 CAD
A jet pack!! A jet pack!!
Hamilton500.00 CAD
LED dimmerLED dimmer
4x8 Map of the world 4x8 Map of the world
Hamilton250.00 CAD
Fat suits Fat suits
 5' x 12' board room table. 5' x 12' board room table.
Toronto 2200.00 CAD
Translite 1Translite 1
Translite 8 Translite 8